Dragon Quest IX to Wii?

Here is a nice little rumor that the good guys over at Codenamerevolution picked up on, read below:

In a recent interview with Gamelabo and Square-Enix, Square revealed that Dragon Quest IX for the DS would allow for the transfer of monsters to the Wii…Now how could this actually be if Dragon Quest IX is exclusive to the DS? Could we be in for a huge surprise? If Dragon Quest IX comes to the Wii then Japan is literally going to go nuts as sales would be on an all time high for the console.

Of course there is always the possibility of monsters from the game being brought to Dragon Quest Swords for you to battle with…

Make it true Nintendo and Square….Make it true!!


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    • metaldave
    • April 19th, 2007

    Kinda like Pokemon Battle Revolution? I HOPE very much that this will come true, but I’m won’t be surprised if it is just for transfering monsters to DQSW.

    However both Dragon Quest IX and Dragon Quest Swords take place in a different universe so……..maybe?

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