Angry Patriots and Pinheads

ANGRY PATRIOTS & PINHEADS  is an APP/GAME developed with the use of physics, animation, adventure and political parity.  This game will be  available at Apple’s APP Store, onthe  Kindle &  Nook APP Stores and all other systems which use the Android Market Place. The game’s functionality  utilizes the touch screen-base technology of the tablet world.

In the game, players use a Revolutionary War cannon to launch patriotic characters or the “Angry Patriots” at socialist politicians, actors, musicians, other mainstream pinheads as well as a variety of  “jack asses” stationed throughout the board.  The intent is to breakthrough or knock over all of the structures surrounding the antagonistic characters.  Upon a direct hit the “Pinheads” will dissapear from of the playfield.  Points will be awarded for structures and pinheads  cleared from the board.    As players advance through the game, new patriots appear, some with special abilities that can be activated by the player. 

In the earliest levels, the basic colonial patriot is the only one available.  As the player advances through the game, additional types of patriotic characters become available; some of these characters are more effective against specific material structures or they have special abilities which can be activated by the player.  After the “patriot” has been launched, the player may trigger the attribute by simply tapping the screen.  For example, a Statue of Liberty can separate into the head, torch and book. The Uncle Sam hat can burst into fireworks and a founding father can drop tar and feathers.  Our game also features the antagonists in different sizes; small, medium, and large. While small “pinheads” are relatively weak and are easily eliminated either by direct hits or by debris from the damaged structures, larger “pinheads” are able to sustain more damage.

Each level begins with the number, types, and order of “patriots” pre-determined.  If all of the “pinheads” are defeated by the time the last “patriot” is used, the level is completed and the next level is unlocked.  Points are scored for each “pinhead” defeated as well as for damage to, or destruction of protective structures, and bonus points are awarded for any unused patriot.  Throughout the board, bonus points can be earned by hitting structures such as ballot boxes, inflated dollar symbols, ACORN signs and other objects.  Upon completing each board, players receive one, two or three stars depending upon their points earned.  and after acquiring a dozen stars or “finishing the final board of a level”, the player receives a national treasure token (Declaration of Independence, a Cherry Blossom, Washington’s Campaign Pin, etc.) .  The individual can purchase additional attributes for their patriots with the redemption of stars he/she has been awarded.                                                                

Players may re-attempt unlocked levels as many times as they wish in order to successfully complete the level or to earn additional points.

Between levels, the storyline will describe the subject of the upcoming level and its boards.  Each level’s theme is based upon the Obama administration’s policies, current public discourse and the socialist agenda.  

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