Monster Hunter 3 demo

Hey guys and how are you this fine evening? In case you missed it, the Monster Hunter 3 demo is available at your local Gamestop and I suggest you all go pick one up! In my opinion, it’s the most promising 3rd party title to date and should provide some excellent gaming.

With that said, has anyone played the demo yet? Do you like it? Let us know!! I will be picking mine up later today and hopefully be playing it tonight.

Game On.



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New BWii Screens

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Mario Galaxy Video

I have no idea why Nintendo didn’t show this during their press conference. Enjoy.

Super Mario Galaxy Images

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Release Dates Galore!

New press release from Nintendo reveals a LOT of information about release dates we didn’t already know.

Here’s the press release courtesy of Gonintendo.

More importantly: Fire Emblem comes November 5th, DK Barrel Blast comes October 8th, and Endless Ocean, presumably Forever Blue, comes out October 29th along with Battalion Wars II.

Wow….wow….wow…..and with Galaxy a week after Fire Emblem…..gonna be one jam-packed fourth quarter.

~Shvitzel out