The Magic Animal Crossing 8 Ball? Apparently ther…

The Magic Animal Crossing 8 Ball?

Apparently there is some sort of head gear that you can purchase in the new Animal Crossing game for the Nintendo DS that is very reminiscent of the Nintendo ON virtual headset. For those who missed it, the Nintendo ON was a fake teaser video clip of a headset that gamers would wear and would take them into their games by means of virtual reality. The rumor quickly got squashed and no real footage was shown from Nintendo to help support this. Let’s all remember there is still one more secret left in Nintnedo’s big bag of tricks. Could this be a sign of things to come? Maybe….All I know is that Nintendo should take notice just how many people are talking about their revolution. This news was from



What are your thoughts? With all this talk about …

What are your thoughts?

With all this talk about change in the industry, possible release dates, back catalogs and everything in between, I was wondering if I could get some of your views on the subjects. Post a comment, make a suggestion, let us know what you think. HAVE YOUR VOICE BE HEARD! Do you think change is good? How do you think Nintendo perform in this next generation? Can they once again regain greatness or are they doomed? Have fun and bookmark us! This is our passion and we will give you updates every single day my friends. Thanks!

Revolution coming in May?! I have managed a vide…

Revolution coming in May?!

I have managed a video game store for years and still have contacts in the industry. I am now hearing more and more that Nintendo may indeed release their new system in May OF THIS YEAR. I have heard from my source that they will release it here first in the states and then in Japan. It makes sense considering that Nintendo has nothing to worry about over seas because of the 360 flop, and how well their little handheld is doing. Keep in mind we also got Mario Kart DS first too…… Interesting to say the least.

Can you imagine if we could be playing our new system in 5 months? SEE YOU ONLINE WITH SMASH BROTHERS!

Love from Ubi “The Revolution controller breaks t…

Love from Ubi

“The Revolution controller breaks the ‘push button’ experience of other platforms, where the player must go through an abstract action-pushing a button-to complete an action. With the Revolution, the action is completely natural and physical. We can propose new types of interactions that are easy and fun, as they rely on a simple gesture. We can translate into video game interactions all the tools you manipulate with your hand: the sculptor’s tool, the doctor’s scalpel, the fireman’s hose…imagine you are a doctor curing patients or an architect who builds his own house! It opens up so many possibilities that we already have too many ideas. All the designers that I’ve spoken with at Ubisoft are buzzing with amazing ideas.”

This quote from Ubisoft is from the most recent Nintendo Power. It has been floating around for a bit, and I have been meaning to post it so there it is for ya. I love the positive attitude that game companies are portraying with the Revolution. It seems as if the fun of game developement…and games in general is coming back into play. The creative juices are flowing!

Another Secret It has been revealed that the Nint…

Another Secret

It has been revealed that the Nintendo Revolution has another trick up its sleeve. It appears that Nintendo has not showed its hand fully yet in the next gen wars. Earlier this week, Nintendo revealed that they had yet ANOTHER secret for their next console. Specifics were not given but I have been hearing rumors of a steady flow of info coming SOON. Keep up the faith gamers, Something big is about to happen! Be there when it does. Out.

Japanese Hardware Sales DS – 597,628 PSP – 161,332…

Japanese Hardware Sales

DS – 597,628
PSP – 161,332
PS2 – 97,475
GCN – 36,646
GBASP – 35,764
GBM – 19,261
Xbox360 – 5,674
GBA – 906
Xbox – 141

Thanks for coming! Thanks for showing up and chec…

Thanks for coming! Thanks for showing up and checking out the website. I am a Nintendo fan and cannot wait until the revolution. Trust me gamers- a true revolution is coming! Beleive the hype. Nintendo will deliver. It’s a exciting time indeed for nintendo fans and games in general.