Metroid Prime 3 Screens

Those of you who felt a little underwhelmed with Nintendo’s showing of Metroid Prime 3, enjoy the below screens of the title. Impressive to say the least; and to think we will be playing this next month!


Continued E3 Coverage….Video Updates Galore!

For all of those who missed our up-to-the-minute E3 coverage scroll down and check it out! Today is going to be full of updates so be sure to keep it here gamers. Our first trailer is of Dave Mirra BMX Challenge. Enjoy:

And now for Some Soul Calibur:

And lastly- Rayman RR 2!:

Another Perspective: The News and You!

I totally forgot to post this yesterday….whoops! It’s my latest thread, and I urge you all to read it and consider it before E3 gets even more underway:

A gamer’s best friend can be news. News is what enlightens us to new games, information about previously announced games, and news even sometimes has the decency to give us new media about all of these wonderful games. News can be bad too, revealing a delay in the game or even a cancelation. And there is no bigger week for the industry as a whole than E3. News will come out this week, and hearts will be mended and broken. All that I, and a few others ask, is that you hype yourselves in moderation.

You can find the rest of the editorial here.

~Shvitzel out

Here Wii GO!

OK guys it’s underway! Make sure you hit refresh as I will be updating a TON!

-Right now they showed a cool video on the success of the Wii…..Reggie on stage as of right now

Update #1

-More discussion on the success of the Wii. Reggie discussing the cultural phenomenon on how “everyone” is a gamer.

-Reggie talking about how video games are growing worldwide.

Update #2

-More talk about how Nintendo is expanding the market (DS Talk). Discusses how women have been buying up the DS as well as the older generation.

Update #3

-Talk about how Nintendogs, Brain Age and Wii Sports have been “satellites” for video games.

– Discusses how people are saying “Wii is just a fad” and so was the DS. DS is the best selling game system on the planet. 40 million systems sold out all over the world.

-America alone 60 games already on Wii. Another 140 titles for DS and 100 for Wii.

-Strong 3rd party sales.

Update #4

-Showcasing another cool Nintendo themed video. Everything from Youtube people to newscasts

Update #5

-Shows Wii Zapper- Looks like a gun. Hold nunchuck and Wiimote. Showcasing the new controller with Ghost Squad, Medal of Honor and Resident Evil.

-Online Multiplayer for Medal of Honor! (32 PLAYER!)

-$19.99- for Wii Zapper!

Update #6

-Showcasing Ninja Gaiden DS.

-Dragon Quest next year.


Update #7

-Some guests take the stage to play some games. They are currently showing Zelda Phantom Hour Glass. They are describing how the touch screen is creating a whole new scheme for a Zelda title. Very intuitive. Zelda feels “fresh and new”. In Japan- Zelda has become one of the best selling Zelda games ever. The guest describes this title as his favorite.

Update #8

-They are now showing an intense battle with Metroid Prime 3. Looks pretty good. Showcasing how easy it is to switch between suites and guns.

-Another video on how Nintendo is expanding its audience.

Update #9

-5.5 Million people connected their DS to Wi-Fi.

-5.6 Million downloads on VC for Wii. 112 titles already on VC.

-A new channel- “Check Mii Out”. The voting channel previously described. Contests based on characters.

Update #10

-Reggie talks about Wii’s online strategy! Mentions Mario Strikers and states “I know you want more!” Madden confirmed Online for Wii.

-FIFA online from EA.

-Guitar Hero 3 ONLINE!!!!!

Update #10

-Mario Kart ONLINE 1ST QUARTER OF NEXT YEAR! Looks amazing! One person carts! Also mentions the title will have a ton of racers. A custom “Wii Wheel” when Mario Kart comes out. The Wii Wheel comes with Mario Kart.

Update #11

-Now shifts focus to “mass market” gamers. Satoru Iwata comes to stage. “Games are for eveyone” -Iwata. “Everyone can develop a like for video games”. Wants people to play together.

A new title coming up!!!

Update #12

-More video of families playing Wii.

-Showcased people playing Mario Galaxy (lucky stiffs) and Brain Age 2.

-Brain Age 2 August 20th.

Mario Galaxy will come out on November 12th!!! “First real successor to Mario 64” Mario running in a “Bee” Costume!

Update #13

-Discussing My Sims. Coming out on Wii and DS. High School Musical coming to Wii and DS. Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 mentioned.

-Vision training Game for DS. Ubi-Soft bringing out My Word Coach.

-My Life Coach…..Makes “everything” better……(interesting)

-Wii Sports discussed. Reggie shows a video about how Wii sports is good exercise.

Update #14

-Last game they are showing- “Wii Fit” A new controller of sorts…..Looks like a scale. Basically a fitness program. Shows games as well as workouts. Soccer, dancing, Yoga everything. Looks really innovative!!!

Update #15

-Talking about Wii Fit. Describing how everyone in home will use this game. Having fitness instructors demonstrate the game.

-Wii Fit 4 genres of activities. Over 40 activities in the game.

– “Wii balance board” All wireless, can be used anywhere. Currently doing a body check on Reggie!!!

-You can track your BMI with different people in your house.

Update #16


Are You Ready Gamers….

Are you ready gamers…….I said, Are you reeeeeeeeaaaaaadddddyyyy? Then for the thousands in attendance, and the (hopefully) millions watching this site. Let’s get ready for E3!!!!! (Anyone who watches wrestling or has watched it in the past will appreciate the reference)

In all reality gamers E3 is mere hours away and I am writing to let you know to keep it locked here! Tell a friend or two and comment away. I am fully prepared to give you all the details that we have been waiting for for so long.

Thanks for checking us out gamers make sure you check back daily. Starting at 12:00 EST we will be giving you AMAZING news coverage from the show. Game On.

*Make sure you tune into Game On TV in the meantime and let us know what you think. We also have a contest going on right now. Trust me guys, either of them will help waist at least some time until E3*

E3 Coverage!

As with every big news day, I am personally apologizing in advance for any spelling or grammatical errors that may occur within the next 2 days or so. We here at Gameonnintendo are dedicated to bringing you the most up to the minute information regarding Nintendo news and to do that, I may forget to use the spell check once or twice.

With all the news already hitting the internet, strap yourselves in gamers- it’s going to be a great week! Game On.

Trauma Center: New Blood Announced

Atlus has announced a new entry into the Trauma Center series starting off on the Wii this time. The game stars two new characters to the universe. It is already looking like a quality title.

Thanks to Gonintendo!

Anyone else hyped about this? I was a huge fan of Second Opinion…

~Shvitzel out